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With more than 15 years of experience in the legal market, after having led as partners legal areas of important firms in the country, the lawyers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Roberto Sepúlveda Olavarría, Gabriel Palma Cruzat, and Pedro Pablo Gutiérrez Barros, join forces to form SPG Abogados & Consultores, a cutting-edge legal firm focused on corporate and regulatory law, aiming to provide innovative solutions to the legal requirements and challenges faced by our clients.




Pedro Pablo

A cutting-edge legal firm with a focus on corporate and regulatory law


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Practice Areas

Banking and Finance
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We provide advisory services to all types of public or private financial institutions, investors, and/or debtors in banking and financial transactions, for both national and foreign clients, in matters of bilateral and/or syndicated credits, with or without guarantees, alternative real estate financing, leasing and leaseback operations, preferred equity, stock financing...
Venture Capital
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We advise entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, emerging companies, individual and institutional investors, and investment funds, both national and foreign, in the negotiation of commercial and investment agreements, financing at all stages, regulatory compliance, capital raising, corporate governance, due diligence processes, and everything related to the establishment of the business or operation.
Compliance/Anti-Corruption and Corporate Investigations
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We have solid experience in compliance matters, in line with Law No. 20,393 on the Criminal Liability of Legal Entities, as well as with international sanctions commonly referred to as the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) of the United States of America or the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom. In this context, our advisory services cover the establishment of appropriate corporate governance...
Commercial Contracts
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Our advisory services cover all aspects of agreements and contracts of the most diverse natures. We have participated, negotiated, and executed contracts of various types and industries, always taking special care in the interrelation of these agreements with other areas of law such as regulatory, environmental, tax, and compliance, to name just a few. We have extensive experience...
Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions
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We have a highly specialized team in matters ranging from the creation of corporate structures, corporate governance, contractual relations, reorganizations, to comprehensive and specialized advice on all matters concerning organizations and their operation.
Business Law
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We have vast experience in all the matters that your business requires, from its inception, through all types of negotiations, the correct and due maintenance, as well as the necessary processes to keep the operations active and healthy.
Regulatory Law
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We actively represent local and foreign companies in administrative procedures before public bodies and regulatory entities, as well as in judicial-administrative processes. We stand out in these areas by providing comprehensive advice on energy projects, mining activities, health matters, and environmental authorizations for infrastructure projects.
Energy and Natural Resources
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“Highly trained and experienced individuals with a strong focus on customer service”, as recognized by Legal 500. In the field of energy and natural resources, we stand out due to our expertise in the following areas...
Investment Funds
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We advise our clients on the establishment and organization of fund administrators, as well as on the creation of investment funds, both private and public, including their registration with the Financial Market Commission and the review of regulatory compliance of their operations. Similarly, our consulting extends to the investments that the funds themselves make in the market in the variety of assets they are allowed to invest in.
Real Estate and Urban Planning
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We have a highly trained team to accompany our clients at all stages of the development of their projects, whether they are residential, commercial or urban, including the corporate structuring of the real estate project, the necessary financing, real estate management, due diligence, as well as the administrative advice necessary for obtaining preliminary projects, building permits, division processes, subdivisions and mergers, real estate co-ownership and municipal reception.
Territorial Management
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We provide advice to companies in determining the peculiarities that affect a specific territory in order to allow the development of infrastructure projects, real estate, electricity generation and transmission, aqueducts, desalination plants, etc. In this matter, we advise our clients in the preparation of owner registries, identification of surface rights, identification of concessions of all kinds, determination of land value and indemnities, search for strategic lands, etc.
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In this matter, our advice focuses on supporting mining activity in its exploration and exploitation phases. We provide advice on contractual, regulatory, environmental aspects, constitution of mining concessions and easements, easements for aqueducts and the acquisition of surface land for desalination plants, as well as community relations.
Family Estates
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Through the advice of our specialists, we structure family estates seeking the protection of their assets through proper planning and creation of solid corporate governance, achieving an appropriate transfer to the next generations.
Sectoral Permits
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We advise our clients on obtaining and processing sectoral permits for the development and construction of projects, from both a technical and legal standpoint.
Projects and Infrastructure
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We have extensive experience in negotiating EPC, EPCM, EPCIC, O&M, BOT and LLI contracts, etc., for wind, solar, storage, desalination plants, hydrocarbon facilities, ports, transmission lines, gas pipelines projects.
Tax Law
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Our tax practice focuses especially on the compliance with tax obligations of companies and individuals, and the planning and structuring of their operations and companies with the aim of proper tax compliance.


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